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September 14, 2012 by bernibus

I used to say that my high school graduation party lasted six years. That was supposed to be a clever way of saying I lacked direction early on in life. So in 1978 I joined the Navy and became a medic. Within a few months I found myself being responsible for lots of people’s lives.

After the Navy I stayed in healthcare working various jobs until I decided to become an RN. I worked nearly 15 years in one or another healthcare role. In the 1990s I switched careers and became a real estate investor. Within four years my wife at the time and me closed on nearly 60 transactions. I felt it was again time for a change so I wrote a book about my real estate investing titled, The Streetsmart Homebuyer – Investor’s Secrets Anyone Can Use To Buy A Home.

Two more nonfiction books followed, then a short collection of inspirational stories titled, The Legend Of Kokobono. I took some time away from writing earlier in the new century and have recently returned with a couple of new novels, a novella and several short stories. This Website will serve to give my readers a voice as well as to communicate directly with me via email.

Recently I’ve taken on a project that deals with virtual reality as a way to treat disease. It’s fascinating. If you’d like more information click on the virtual reality link in the nav bar up top.


Let me know what’s on your mind. I’m usually able to answer within 24 hours.

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