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March 11, 2017 by bernibus



The above title is a bit misleading. What I mean is you can also get free publicity for many other endeavors such as crowd funding, charity events, on and offline courses and many other worthwhile purposes.

If it comes down to free or paid, free almost always wins. If you’re promoting a book or a course or anything with unique appeal to the public it makes sense that the less you spend on promotion and publicity, the more you put in your pocket.

This is especially good news when it comes to promoting nonfiction books. I’m not going to claim that what I’m about to explain is a secret. I’m actually sick of people selling secrets that aren’t secrets at all. What I am going to explain is how you can get SIGNIFICANT free publicity for your nonfiction books, courses, and other products of interest.

It’s Talk Radio

What’s the trick? Talk radio. It’s likely you’ve been driving and tuned into a radio show where the host was interviewing a guest. Most often the guest has written an interesting book and is explaining something important to the host and his listeners. Don’t get too caught up in the words “interesting” and “important” because they are extremely relative. The point is that they are interesting, important and often entertaining to some people.

Free Radio Publicity

Every day hundreds, if not thousands of talk show hosts interview authors as well as other movers and shakers. The reason they interview these people is because that’s their job. The more interesting the interview, the more listeners tune in and the more ads they sell. It’s likely this isn’t news if you’re reading this.

What many don’t understand is that the time an author spends explaining his or her stuff on the radio is valuable. It’s free publicity, often during the time of day when listenership is at its peak. Some authors do nothing else but knock out relative and timely books and then go pitch them on various radio shows. There are literally thousands of talk shows out there from the top rated shows all the way down to small college and community stations.

Do The Numbers…

Obviously, the more popular the show is, the better an author or other expert will do explaining the unique, interesting, entertaining or otherwise brilliant topic at hand. Let’s do a little math, shall we. A moderately popular radio station might charge $150 for a half minute radio spot during drive time. The price of the commercial will vary some but that’s not the point.

As an author or expert all you need to do to become a guest on such a show is ask. Of course, you have to be smart about it but essentially, you ask politely as you tactfully explain to the host how smart he’s going to look for having you on his show. And let’s say you are a savvy marketer and manage to get a ten minute interview during morning drive time.

At $150 per minute you’re receiving $1500 in free radio time. Let that sink in. Consider that even if you spent that money on radio commercials people are conditioned to tune them out. Now, if you happen to be an expert in the topic at hand, suddenly people are listeing with both ears.

But the fun is just beginning. If you’ve written about something topical, weird, controversial or otherwise interesting some of the people listening to you as they drive along are going to buy what you’re selling. And since you’re making the host look like a genius for having you on, s/he is going to mention how the listeners can get your book or whatever else you might be promoting lots of times. Trust me on this, I do it all the time.

It’s Not Just About Books

This little arrangement started years ago with authors talking about their books. But today we have so many interesting and important things happening and many of them are quite newsworthy. There are goofball politicians running wild everywhere. There are new inventions coming along all the time. We’re in the information age and there is no shortage of it floating around out there.

But it’s not just about information. There are people starving in the United States and elsewhere. There is injustice of all kinds. There are environmental issues that are begging for attention. There are humans and animals all over the planet that are mistreated daily. Let’s face it, there is no lack of important topics facing us all.

Many of these issues are prime topics for talk radio and they all don’t require authors. Perhaps your thing is to do some good in feeding the hungry and you’re looking to fire up a crowdfunding campaign to raise some money. It’s likely there are talk radio hosts that want to hear from you. New inventions are also of interest. Alternative energy, eating healthy, paranormal topics, the law of attraction, virtual reality, stocks and investment, jobs…

Are you feeling it? Talk show hosts are too. It’s easy for them to find authors and other experts as well as advocates for all kinds of worthwhile projects.

So How Do You Get In On This Bonanza?


Talk Radio Cover2sm

This is a detailed guide on learning how to get booked on talk radio shows. At 160 pages, I cover everything you need to know to pitch a talk show host, producer or program director and come away booked for an interview. The guide contains nearly 23,000 words of instruction, explaining everything you need to get started.

Here’s a sampling of some of what you’ll learn:

  • How to determine the size of your audience.
  • Tips on getting familiar with the host before calling for the booking.
  • How to craft the perfect show pitch.
  • A proven email follow-up contact sample you can change and use.
  • Preparing for your interview.
  • Strategies for fitting your topic to current events, trends and fads.
  • Getting the most from both local and syndicated talk shows.
  • The best time to call the decision maker.
  • Your credentials, media, press kits, reviews, and other social proof.
  • Creating a “canned” interview in the event a host or producer wants a sample of how you come across.
  • Optimizing your interview environment.
  • Actual samples of my press releases and media kits including reviews, sample show questions, newspaper clippings, book excerpts and more.
  • A database of more than 630 radio stations that regularly use author / expert guests.
  • An additional list of 85 syndicated hosts with contact info.
  • Much more…

Each radio station listing contains basic info on the station. You’ll also find live links that will connect you to the station where, in most cases you’ll find the station’s daily and weekend schedule and lineup for the various talk shows.

Fresh Radio Station Database

Included with the 630+ radio stations you’ll find a bonus section with 85 various syndicated talk show hosts. The additional syndicated listings bring the grand total of stations to well over 700 listings in total. The beauty of getting booked with these folks is that their shows air in numerous market, which gives you, the guest, that much more exposure.

The guide also includes detailed instructions you’ll need to make your pitch, including sample press releases, press kits, sample questions the host can use, along with other standard documents necessary to be taken seriously by the host or producer.

Grab This Before I Come to my Senses and Raise the Price

I’ve had some author friends look at this guide and they’ve told me this is closer to being an indepth course than a simple eBook. Hey, I’ve never said it was a simple eBook. It is a comprehensive blueprint for anyone looking to get booked on talk radio. I’ve included a great deal of material in capitalizing on trends and current events, along with true-to-life examples from my own experiences.

I got started with talk radio in the late 1990s and it’s made all the difference to me as an author. In the guide I explain how I was initially afraid to give this a try thinking it was only for A-list authors. Well, I soon found out that’s a bunch of bunk. Anyone with legitimate information, whether it be a paper book, an ebook or a worthwhile project or business venture can make a case for taking his pitch to talk radio for exposure.

$189 Link

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