This book is a weird yet delightful blend of fantasy, humor, science fiction and satire, not necessarily in that order. The title is revealing in that dimestore voodoo implies nonsense, often nonsense originating from high places and promoted as truth. Sound familiar? But the book isn’t nonsense simply for the sake of nonsense. Take Pinky Wimlebton’s Talking Dog for example. We’re talking about a dog that can carry on a conversation on an intellectual level.

After seven years of silence, Virginia, the dog, goes public with her gift of gab and explains how our culture has had the means to do away with the burning of fossil fuels to generate power and employ alternative energy technology that we’ve had for years. Virginia bristles when she sees politicians on TV and blames them for a lot of what’s wrong with society. Smart dog, eh? She also outlines what has happened to other ancient “strains of humanity” that insisted on fowling the planet. Sounds strange coming from a dog. It’s even stranger because the alternative energy method she describes isn’t voodoo at all, it’s real. The spit really hits the fan when she gets booked on a late night talk show to explain it all.

And then there’s Jonas Cathcart, a 6000 year old guy who’s a member of a secret society calling themselves the Opals, sort of a longevity club. He explains the technology of his absolutely fascinating shadow society that lives almost in plain sight. He breaks the ice by giving the author details on how the earth is actually flat and follows with why the ancient Egyptians needed batteries. Haven’t you always wondered why pottery batteries were showing up in ancient Egyptian archeological dig sites? Here’s your chance to find out. There’s an interesting piece explaining antigravity and an all purpose miracle device that could make our culture heaven on earth. But it’s not likely we’ll have use of it anytime soon because the official Dimestore Voodoo practitioners running things would use it to advance more power tripping and greed. So it goes. The titles:

The Earth Is Flat
Pinky Wimbelton’s Talking Dog
Why The Ancient Egyptians Needed Batteries
The Sphincter Cops
How I Met Jonas Cathcart
Memory Eraser
The Antigravity Discovery
The Helm Of A Flying Saucer
How To Travel Back In Time, Really
Conversations With A 6000 Year Old Man
Magic Bullets
How To Be Invisible
The Three Percent Rule
Alien Shepherds & Other Loose Ends

Yes, it’s all fiction but much of it will make you wonder. The author told me that several beta readers were convinced that some of it, some of the wildest stuff in fact, was real. Here’s another example, the bit about how to travel back in time. I swear this would work. I mean, I’m gonna give it a try and won’t be at all surprised when I jump back a few weeks. I was also blown away by The Sphincter Cops. Man, we could cut crime to the bone if we were to do this. What a deterrent, and it’s totally humane, almost.

There’s another interesting piece in Dimestore Voodoo about erasing your undesirable memories. At first I thought, why would anyone want to do that? Shouldn’t we take the good with the bad? But then I realized that the lives we’re living today are shaped by certain unpleasant and downright nasty memories from the past. And if you’ve bought into this nonsense about the earth being round you really need to read the first story. It explains everything in plain language. The “round earthers” as they’re known in certain circles are the original conspiracy freaks.

There’s also a great piece included that might give you some insight as to where flying saucers are coming from. Jonas Cathcart had a lot to do with the harnessing of antigravity technology and has pictures (not included) of visitors from space that came to earth around 35,000 years ago.

It’s all in good fun and will have you looking twice at our crazy society and wondering. Is it real or is it Dimestore Voodoo?



An eclectic collection of tales as told by a fictional grandfather to his fictional grandson. Flip Bellingus’ life spans two action filled centuries whereby he makes a huge contribution to humanity while remaining far out of the spotlight.

The titles:

Peyote Deception & Butterflies – Flip develops a mass market action toy dubbed Flip McGuiness, Mysterious Freedom Fighter. The toy employs his latest invention, a gyroscope/spring mechanism that allows the freedom fighter to appear to be tumbling through the air in slow motion. The invention is stolen, sold to a major toy conglomerate and a bunch of aerospace firms, and then marketed, bringing in millions. And while all seems lost for our hero, Grandpa ends up prevailing in a most unusual way.

Senior Smile – Flip and his daughter, Delores Saldana-Para Bellingus develop and market a revolutionary tooth whitening and decay prevention process. They meet resistance from US regulatory agencies but still manage to find success, fame and fortune.

Flip Comes To America – A touching and inspiring tale of success, heartbreak and psychedelic enlightenment at the hands of a peculiar man named Leon Fletcher and Dave the peanut boss, followed by even greater success. Beginning in the early 1920s and concluding in the mid ‘30s, Flip and confidant, Choney Ballantine make good in the recycling business long before recycling was stylish and amass a billion dollar empire. Though despite their staggering wealth, both of them are happy as middle class college professors. This story gives new meaning to the saying, “working for peanuts.”

The Antigravity Caper – Flip and Choney develop an antigravity device and make the six o’clock news.

Choney & Flip Visit Parallel Universes ¬– This one speaks for itself, though I find it interesting that Choney has developed a portable device (the ion arch, which is powered by six D-Cell batteries) that allows anyone to visit parallel universes. I can’t wait until it’s available for purchase. It’s due out any time.

Flip Meets Superfly ¬– In this one Flip discovers Funk, Blues, Jazz and once again notices that things are not really as they seem, especially, when it comes to government spies, aliens and soul food cookbooks.

House Of Cards – Throughout the book the reader is led to believe Flip is a serendipity tripping absent minded professor of philosophy. In this piece he demonstrates that he’s really a loving and very wise grandfather and teacher.

Very loosely based on the author’s experiences with his own story telling grandfather, The Flip Side of Reality is the resulting chronology of the Bellingus Family History as related by Flip. Based on the theme that most often things are not as they seem to be, these unusual and entertaining stories will have you laughing and perhaps even questioning many of the things we take for granted. Is it real or is it the Flip Side Of Reality?



At 29 Drew Langley’s life is at a crossroads. By now he expected to be an international rock star. Talent certainly isn’t the issue. Drew’s been writing, singing and playing since the age of five. By all standards, the man is a gifted musical prodigy. He’s sat in as a session player for marquee bands. He’s got a kickass catalog of more than 700 radical tunes. He’s a great singer, a virtuoso on guitar and keyboards, and he’s light years ahead of most established session producers for creativity and ingenuity.

And if that’s not enough, women throw themselves at him because he’s drop dead gorgeous. But still, he hasn’t managed to break through. And to add insult to injury, Beth, his lady of five years, has grown weary of the empty promises of fame and fortune and wants him to abandon music, get a regular 9 to 5 and marry her.

His good friend Billy keeps urging Drew to pull off a dramatic publicity stunt, something of the shock and awe variety. But Drew thinks everything really crazy has already been done. But has it? After a revealing session with a savvy Hollywood psychic he playfully calls the Voodoo Lady, Drew comes up with a stunt that’s sure to send him to the top with a bullet. It should also make his girl Beth, happy. But things don’t quite turn out that way as serendipity enters the picture.

Yep, it works. Total and complete victory. The crazy stunt is a monumental success. The video of his madness goes hyper-viral within 24 hours. And after only three days, Drew has sold more than 200,000 downloads of his best tunes at a buck a pop. People all around the world are talking about the video. It’s posted everywhere. It’s vulgar. It’s sick. It’s crazy. It’s obscene. It’s brilliant. He’s a maniac. He’s a genius. He’s an attention seeking lunatic. Hollywood talent agents are calling him at all hours. Major record labels want to sign him NOW. Drew’s music is getting the attention he’s always dreamed about. But somehow, something’s missing.

You’re going to love Drew Langley and the people close to him as he discovers there’s more to success than bright lights, money and fame. He learns there’s also a healthy measure of unforeseen self discovery attached to his professional coming of age. With the insane Los Angeles music industry as the backdrop, Drew finds irony, humility, peace and even enlightenment in the places he never expected to find it. And if that’s not enough, he’s four million dollars richer two months after pulling of the publicity stunt of all times.

But something unforeseen also happens to Drew. For the first time in his life, rather than simply looking, he actually sees the people around him for what they are. And he discovers that without ever noticing before, he already had almost everything he wanted.

Anatomy Of A Rock Star is a down and dirty yarn of what it’s like in the trenches of the Los Angeles music jungle. It’s touching. It’s funny. It’s disturbing. It’s shocking. It’s even heartwarming at times. It’s a story of a guy who did what he had to do to get noticed and what happened to him as a consequence. But it’s more than that. It goes beyond the superficial glitter of the music industry as the main character becomes not just a renowned musical master, but a man as well. 



You’ve got the strong feeling something just isn’t right. And you’ve had it for a while. You work hard, pay more than your fair share in taxes, you’re a law abiding citizen, a peaceful, productive member of society, and still, something’s missing. But it’s not your fault, not completely anyway.

Despite your best efforts, you never seem to get ahead. And what makes it worse is, people with far less talent are often doing very well. Sound familiar?

So what’s the answer? Hang on a sec. Before you go looking for answers you need to be asking the right questions. Every day society becomes more of a rigged game against the people who actually keep the wheels turning. Why do we accept a rigged game so readily? Because the people in control use coersion and intimidation to sell their hidden agendas.

If you listen closely you can almost hear these bloodsuckers shouting, “Hey everyone, look over there.” Then they point to some phony crisis while they’re busy picking our pockets with some completely unrelated dirty trick. Since the beginning of civilization people in power have been manipulating the masses to their advantage. And that’s what this is all about. Recognizing their game for what it is and insulating yourself against intimidation and manipulation.

The methods you’ll discover in Dark Persuasion Techniques will protect you from dishonest individuals as well as the major manipulative forces in the world. There’s just one catch, you’ve got to use them.




It’s springtime in America and all is well. That is, until government officials everywhere begin offering unsolicited public confessions to serious transgressions of fraud, abuse of power, along with racketeering and corruption both in office and in their private lives. Without provocation, elected public servants at all levels of government from simple municipalities to the highest offices of the legislative branch in Washington DC are baring their souls without restraint, remorse or any rational motivation.

Each day brings a new rash of public confessions, seriously damaging confessions. When asked why they’re openly copping to their dirty laundry no one can come up with a straight answer, only that they feel compelled to clear the air and let the pieces fall where they may. Naturally, the media picks up on the unprecedented story as it becomes the inspiration for new reality TV shows and offers tantalizing fodder for late night TV talk programs and comedians everywhere. Of course, the question on everyone’s mind is, why is it happening? The media dubs the phenomenon The Truth Rampage as the confessions are the lead story in every newscast nationally as well as abroad.

It’s almost as though these officials are under a witches spell. Could it be that Delores Barnes, an unassuming, anxiety-ridden teacher’s assistant from Epping, New Hampshire is behind it?



Up For Grabs: 22 tons of gold, 16 tons of silver (that’s right, tons), a $33 million lottery ticket, and an old radio, a radio that would change the world as we know it if it fell into the wrong hands. The players include a shrewd Texas millionaire, an insecure nuclear physicist, a flaky FBI agent who’d do anything to get out of the cold file division and out into field, a worn out Mafia wiseguy running out of time, a plastic New Age guru and his silent but deadly sidekick and a 10-year old cussing computer genius who steals the show.

Greed, lust, revenge, ingenuity and plain old stupidity are all in the mix as the players in this sci fi adventure vie for what appears to be easy money and the chance to “rule the ****ing universe.” What starts out as an innocent treasure hunting expedition turns ugly with murder, deception and a cat and mouse bombshell ending.

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Imagine going to bed as you do every night only waking up in your 8-year old body with all the memories and knowledge you have today. The date is also accurate for your age. Your parents are young again. You’re back in the school you attended as a kid. What would you do differently? Would you make the same mistakes or would you be smarter the second time around? You get the chance to live your life again from age eight to the present. There’s only one problem. The love of your life isn’t in your new world.

This is Dale Elliot’s predicament. After resigning himself to “do it all over again” and spending nearly four years reliving his past (without the mistakes and much more glory) he stumbles upon a way to get back to his adult life. The key to his return? A bundle of comic books he buys at a church rummage sale. Driven by love Dale and the cast of supporting characters explore time along with health, wealth and romance in this touching tale. You’re going to love the time travel mechanism. You might even want to give it a try yourself.

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It looks like a 100-year family dynasty is about to come to an end. Josh Brady’s Spokane ranch is only weeks away from foreclosure with no relief in sight. Without a miracle, he’ll be forced to cooperate with his family’s age old rival, the Chilman clan, developers who’ve had their eyes on Brady’s property for the better part of a century. The Chilman’s believe the property might be home to a large hoard of gold Josh’s grandfather once found before his strange disappearance many years before.

And to add frustration to the equation, Josh’s nephew’s girlfriend Abby insists everything will simply find a magical way to straighten itself out. Pennies From Heaven in one of several stories in the “Passing The Torch” series, which features tales leaving the reader inspired. Will Josh lose the ranch on his watch or will Abby’s prediction of a magical solution be accurate? Prequel to The Secret Of The Hidden Cave.



Jay Scott is young, smart and on the road to self destruction. He’s a leader but so far he’s only led a group of other young boys on shoplifting expeditions, the last of which has earned Jay a six-month stay at the Dakota’s Boys Ranch, a reformatory for boys. But something happens on the way to the Ranch. A blizzard, a serious multi-car crash and a sheriff with an eye for “people of character” intervenes and shows Jay trust. Do you believe in miracles? What Jay does with that trust will touch your heart and renew your faith in people everywhere.

Jay – A Lesson In Trust is one of several stories in the inspiring Passing The Torch Series. Each story in the series illustrates in a touching way how one character is far better off as a result of his or her contact by another character. If you’re looking for renewed hope or just an inspiring read, pick up Jay.



Atlantis is said to have had technology far more advanced than what we have today. Would you like a peek at some of it? Here’s your chance. Weird Science – The Technology Of Atlantis is an excerpt from the book, The Legend Of Kokobono. Kokobono is a 4000-year old mystic who communicates with the author. In Weird Science he describes alternative energy as it was used on the lost continent.
He discusses the main power source on Atlantis as well as one that was primarily used as an alternate. He also discusses slow-grow grass and gives a detailed explanation, in layman’s terms, as to how it grows. This particular piece has had some very intelligent engineers and inventors scratching their heads over the difference between actual scientific technology and fantasy writing. Why not decide for yourself?


The Raven’s Wisdom is set on a plantation in the decade preceding the Civil War. A Southern aristocrat decides he’s had enough of plantation life and the exploitation of slaves that naturally comes with it. During a trip east to Georgia through the Texas badlands a fellow stagecoach traveler and despicable outlaw decides to relieve the diplomat of a large sum of money, proceeds he received from the sale of his plantation. Knowing the Southern gentleman has set his slaves free the outlaw traveler reasons the gentleman is soft on “the Negro situation.” The outlaw decides to execute the gentleman in front of his fellow travelers and make off with a large sum of money.

But the diplomat is miraculously saved by another traveler, a young man heading to Georgia to help run his family’s plantation. To express his gratitude for the man who saved him from certain execution, the diplomat offers his personal servant, a wise, secretly-subversive slave as a gift. This slave possesses the wisdom of many, many years and mysteriously, and in a profoundly positive way, transforms virtually everyone having any contact with him. He is able to demonstrate to other slaves that although they may be in bondage, they can still be free in their hearts and spirits, often far freer than their masters. He often has this effect on his masters as well. You’ll laugh and weep as slave, Jackson Smith works his magic influencing all for the better. The Raven’s Wisdom is a novella originally published in The Legend Of Kokobono previously titled, Black Power.



Dorothy (Dottie) Sherman and Patricia Allen are two overweight woman from different generations. As a college student in the 1930s Dorothy has very little in the way of self esteem and almost literally no future. She deals with these issues by overeating. And if that’s not enough, she has an older brother that relentlessly teases and torments her. But suddenly, without warning or a clear reason Dorothy changes. Could it be a chance meeting with a peculiar fellow in the library by the name of Johnny Smith? Somehow Dottie miraculously sheds her excessive weight and begins to work toward making her dreams come true.

Patricia Allen has virtually the same type of life Dorothy once had. But when the changed Dottie meets Patty at a drug store soda fountain during the 1950s. Patty’s life takes a sharp turn for the better. Wanting to avoid having to take insulin like “a stinkin’ dope fiend,” Patty reluctantly agrees to listen to what Dottie did to change her own life. The two form an unbreakable bond as Dottie explains how people become who and what they are and how they can change if they really have the desire. Originally published in The Legend Of Kokobono.




The Legend of Kokobono is a collection of hauntingly beautiful and inspirational tales of an ancient mystic living among the people of the world. Kokobono has had an influence on much of the history and spiritual development of our civilization. The author has been chosen to tell the stories by a representative of the great master. But is this strange talent scout really a representative, or is it Kokobono himself?

The real value in this book is the actual stories that have been handed down. They truly capture the essence of virtually every aspect of the human experience. The author skillfully weaves the elements of many of the challenges we face as humans into brilliantly told historical tales. The themes vary but it seems that compassion, perseverance, and the willingness to look inside oneself and move forward with greater insight and understanding are common to each.

There is a magnificent story of a slave who helped his comrades to freedom during the years just prior to the Civil War. There is a tale of a young girl on the verge of literal self-destruction, who, with a spark passed on from an impish character, makes a miraculous recovery and finds true peace. She then passes what she’s learned on to another seemingly hopeless stranger. There is also an extremely realistic account of some of the technology used on the lost continent of Atlantis.

Kokobono himself is an interesting character. He has the remarkable gift for heightened awareness and intuition. He is also a whiz at agriculture and grows and processes molui, amazing foods that enhance and prolong life. These are but two of the many magical abilities this wonderful wizard of old possesses.

The account describing the enlistment of the author to tell the tales, along with the historical adventures and several fascinating explanations of how things were accomplished on the lost continent, make for exceptionally enjoyable reading. Everyone touched by Kokobono is better for the experience, just as all readers of this marvelous story will be. This is an inspirational page-turner you won’t forget for years to come.

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To change a non-productive internal belief or habit, you actually need to substitute the unwanted habit with the new behavior. Using what you’ll learn in The Self-Hypnosis Smoking Cure, you’ll learn to replace the habit of smoking with breathing freely – and it will come to you easily and naturally. Using one of several simple yet powerful techniques you’ll be able to re-program your subconscious with the behavior you desire – to be a non-smoker.

Sound too simple? That’s what most people who use the techniques say at first. The truth is, the most effective learning methods (smoking is nothing more than a learned habit) always are simple. You learned to smoke in a short period of time and you can unlearn the habit as easily – once you unlock the key to your internal programming.

Waking Hypnosis – Two techniques that take only minutes to learn. With Waking Hypnosis it’s easy to eliminate unwanted habits. And you can use it any time, anywhere.
Natural Hypnosis – Nature has given us the gift of easy access to our own subconscious minds. Learn how to use these gifts to relieve yourself of the smoking curse.
Two Deep Relaxation Hypnosis Inductions – These are the progressive relaxation techniques that most people associate with hypnosis. You’ll learn to master this method for deep and lasting change.

You’ll get a powerful stop smoking script designed to remove the old smoking programming.

You’ll learn how and why you’ve associated the destructive habit of smoking with pleasure and how to avoid doing so in the future so you prevent relapses.

The course contains easy-to-follow diagrams illustrating the way the conscious and subconscious mind work. And it also demystifies many of the misconceptions folks have about hypnosis – many of these mistaken beliefs come from movies and outrageous stage and nightclub hypnosis performances.

Unfortunately, these unrealistic portrayals of this wonderful natural tool called hypnosis have kept it from doing all the good it might have otherwise accomplished.