I felt I had something special after writing 11 Pearls, something inspired. I offered the story to a group of people on a message board devoted to marketing, not exactly folks know for inspirational stuff. The unsolicited comments were overwhelming. I’ve included some of them below:



11 Pearls – How To Get Everything You Want In Life

Very inspirational and uplifting! A little bit spiritual too! I really enjoyed it and I hope you do very well with it.

Pauline G… from Massachusetts


Thank you for sharing this with us & to have the opportunity to read it.

It’s such a charming thought provoking story. So simple yet so true.

Keren… United Kingdom



Started to read it and by the time I got to about page 4, I was saying to myself how much like Caleb I had been feeling lately!

By the time I got to the end, my whole outlook had changed!

Thanks for taking the time to share this great bit of wisdom with all of us here on Warrior Forum!

To your continued success!



Had the strangest, calmest feeling while reading this. I actually physically feel colder, as if my entire body has just relaxed and I feel so inspired to take on the world right now. 😛
It brought me back to those same feelings when I read similar formatted books like The Richest Man in Babylon.

I already live by and believe what the 11 pearls taught in my inner-most being, but this has really brought it all out into full clarity and I had to write each one down and stick it above my computer. I want to hold onto my dreams tighter than before and help everyone I meet learn how to do the same (although I fully know that they need to be ready to accept it).

Fantastic read, I found it very inspiring in case you couldn’t tell! Really puts everything into perspective…

Clara H.


A charming story and quite thought provoking. I was going to just give it a cursory glance, as the hour grows late, but once I started reading it, could not stop.

Excellent advice and a great guide to follow.


Ray… from Florida


This is definitely a book to read often, very moving story. Thanks for thinking of us and sharing your find.

All the best,
Guy… from Dallas, Texas


Hello Charles, I read the book you sent and I thought it was a wonderful read. I was actually glued to the pages from the beginning. I will definitely apply those eleven pearls to my life.

It’s a great story. I couldn’t stop once I started reading it either.
Great story and very well written.

Thanks, I loved it. Manny


Thanks a lot Charles, an impelling read with a very strong message.




Great story and a reminder to all of us that ‘it’ all starts within ourselves.

Jacqueline Smith


Superb read.
I definitely recommend this to any one from all walks of life.

Keep up the good work.

Paul Millard


Thank you for sharing this beautiful story.

Stewart Piper


Thanks for sharing this.

Pearl no 1 is the one that I have being practising on and off since Jan 2011 and your reminder has given me the encouragement to not get discouraged on the days I don’t want to do anything that’ll help achieve my 2011 goals.

You’ve given me a boost today



This is like “The Secret” in a nutshell.

If any of you have ever read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, this is basically what he asks you to figure out for yourself, with a clue in every chapter.

This is it guys.

Really enjoyed this Charles,

Thank you, Jordy Hill


Inspirational at the highest level of goodness!

These episodes enumerate many things my wonderful parents from the “good world” practiced and taught. They have been gone for 20 years now, so thanks for putting into words those pearls of upbringing and nurturing.

You have helped me remember that such things work inside any era – even inside today’s crazy minutes.

I will forward this to others. Thank you.



Just downloaded late last night and read this story. What a great parable. And such a strong lesson. Look inside first then look outside. Thanks a bunch!! I will reread this for inspiration many times!!


Thanks Travlinguy!

Like Greycap, I was going to just take a quick look at this and get back to it later…

But once I got going, I couldn’t stop.

Just printed out a copy so I can reread it during my break tomorrow at my day job.

Thanks again for an inspirational read! J. Roy


A top read, thanks for sharing it. Am a great fan of your stuff.

Inspiring stuff, well done. keep it coming… J. F. Kennedy


Thank you, that was a great read.
There are many laws that this wonderful universe works by, your story just gave us 11 to live by. There is another law that should be noted and it states “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear”
Can you imagine what this world would be like if we all applied the gentleman’s 11 pearls in our daily lives? WOW!!



Hey Charles,

Thanks a ton for this… it’s easy for us marketers to forget the deeper reasons why we want to make money and improve our lives. This helps me remember myself.

Laura Catella


Thanks for sharing this inspiring and wise book!


Thank you so much for sharing this. I hope that truly it does inspire everyone who reads it to reach out and live their ‘dreams’ & God bless you too!

Darry Lant

Thanks for sharing this story. I found myself identifying with Caleb at various point in the story. It’s a great reminder of the way we should live our lives. I’m going to download this so that I can re-read it at a future date.



Wow, thanks for a wonderful gift! I love this!

Jeannie Lynn


Thank you very much for the story. I expected another IM [Internet Marketing] book but came across a much more pleasant surprise. Just what I needed.

Thanks again! Ruff


Thank you so much. I started reading it and I can’t stop. A lot of lessons here. I will continue reading and re-reading this. Awesome stuff!~ Thanks!



I love the story. Thank you so much for taking the time to share with us.
Debora Humphries


It is a week before Christmas. I couldn’t help thinking what a wonderful gift to receive and to share, especially this time of the year.

Thanks so much for sharing.


I’m just printing this to take with me tomorrow, looks like a keeper!
Thanks travlinguy


its a funny thing, I read some of the comments people have left and it sound all similar. I too had intentions of giving it a glance but got caught up after the first page and spent the next hour reading it, stopping and thinking and reading more.

I read a lot of these type of books and I believe simplicity is the key, these Eleven Pearls now hang on my office wall..

thanks for passing it on.



Hey Travelinguy,

A big thank-you for the parable (I know “parable” has a biblical reference, but that’s my perception of the story, especially with the reference to the guardian angel).

I will definitely share it, probably re-read it, internalize it and learn from it.

Thank you & Cheers,

Tony Brayley.


Thank you, Travlinguy. This is a great reminder for those of us struggling with change and new circumstances.
D. Ferry


Follows the essence of THE SECRET, but much easier to remember these 11 major objectives. Hope I’m ready to accept the teachings. Thanks much.

Very uplifting! Patrick Warren

Thank You for sharing this. I will read this to my children. My oldest is 10 and he will benefit greatly from this. TPZY


Travlinguy, what a great story. I read the story completely from start to finish without putting it down. Many of the pearls shared have been repeated over and over, though worded differently the message was more powerfully written here. I guess as “pearls of wisdom you might say.

I enjoyed reading this age-old story, and found myself tearing up a bit. I will certainly maintain the eleven pearls that were shared in my dreams and in my heart.


I had intended on downloading it, take a brief glance, and read it later. So much for intentions … I read it and then skimmed it again. This is a nice quick read with some good lessons to keep in mind.

Thanks for sharing!

Marvin… from California


Thanks for this wonderful story. Very uplifting indeed! Ray


Thank you, like Marvin above, I downloaded, started to skim, went back and read the whole thing from beginning to end.
A great share and perfectly uplifting for a Monday Morning!

Derrick… from Seattle


Thank you for sharing the book, I downloaded it because I am sure I will need to read it more than once.

Clint… from North Carolina


Thanks for sharing the book. I finished it in one read. It’s really inspiring and I am grateful that I stumbled upon this story today.

Joachim… from Southeast Asia


Just downloaded your 17-page ebook and had a chance to read it.

I recommend to other Warriors that they take the time to read this report …………………
as there is an excellent story that will help many.

I appreciate your sharing this with us.

Wishing you and your family all of the very best … Ron


This was such a good read and very inspiring. Thank you very
much for opening up my heart!

Krysti… from Central Valley, California

Great read I know of a few people that could use this.

Thanks… D Wolfe


That was a beautiful story…it touched my heart (and made me teary a couple of times) Just recently I was telling a friend…that while I accept the pain I feel at times, a grieve the loss, I don’t really know what to do with them. One of those pearls said, “When you experience true sorrow, embrace it and it will depart”. I have yet to embrace my pain…

I think mostly I have pity for myself for it. I am beginning to think of the possibility of not living with it though. Thanks for sharing that with me.

Elena… from Seattle


It’s a wonderful “feel good” read – which should be read and reread… Pete


Entertaining read and a good message too. Thanks… Suzu