Please, indulge me in a wonderful daydream if you will…

What if you were compensated according to the quality and quantity of goodwill you generated? Imagine an invisible entity that kept accurate tabs on each and every human. You are paid relative to how kind and loving you are. Would that work for you? Would you welcome such a system? Imagine this as an infinite and elaborate network of people, places, things, ideas, blessings… Everything connected. All of our actions immediately become part of a collective kindness collage. Generosity and love immediately rewarded in kind. Instant rewards for loving acts and instant negative consequences for fearful transgressions.

Everyone alive would be aware that this is simply how it is as this arrangement is the framework of the human race. If something unpleasant befalls you, there is no guessing how or why it happened. You know exactly why it happened. There’s no whining, no appeals to anyone. You are responsible for your own stuff. Every able minded and able bodied individual, regardless of their status or influence would be subject to the same types of rewards and consequences. Such a society would likely eliminate the need for social status and influence as everyone has the exact same opportunity to prosper as everyone else. No unfair advantages. Love and kindness is the prevailing theme.

Think of how simple things would be under such a system. For the record, the arrangement I’ve called goodwill is synonymous with love, beauty, peace of mind, mercy, compassion, kindness, truth… I could continue but I’m sure you get the idea. These concepts are akin to currency. Operating outside of the realm of these ideals would immediately bring about grave consequences in the form of failure, ill health and hardship. There would be no way to hack the system. No one around that could “pull a few strings” and get you out of a jam.

When a newly elected politician raises his or her right hand and promises to represent people according to certain standards that person would actually have to do just that. If he didn’t he would be destroying his own prosperity. Though I’d dare say that with an arrangement such as this one we’d no longer need politicians. That idea alone should brighten your day.

The same thing goes for companies large and small. The days of selling products that wear out the day after the warrantee expires would be gone forever. Companies of all sizes would only be hurting themselves if they weren’t 100 percent forthcoming in their advertising. And if they truly wanted to prosper they’d also have to pay their employees decent wages.

Of course, there are two sides to this. Employees would actually need to do an honest day’s work, which might translate to no texting or surfing the Internet, or other time wasting activities while on the clock. Imagine that. Anyone goofing off on the bosses’ dime gets immediately docked. Anyone going the extra mile to add value to their efforts receives more. Fair is fair.

Humans would have no reason to harm the planet because in doing so, they would also be harmed. We would have no need to package products using materials that take thousands of years to decompose. We would never think to dump toxic materials into our oceans or near sources of fresh water or wildlife or humans. Rather than continuing our march to the status quo we’d abandon fossil fuels as our primary sources of energy and develop cleaner methods. And unlike our present system, large companies would happily be onboard with this type of growth because fowling the planet when there are plenty of healthier and more practical solutions readily available is not only smart, it comes with no regrettable consequences.

And since the human race would be tuned into love rather than fear there would no negative news stories bombarding the populace day in and out. There would be no glorification of crime or cruelty or larceny simply because placing your focus on such things would result in you sabotaging your prosperity.

There would be no waste in such a system. If an individual was unable to fend for himself then a kindhearted person or people would step in and help. Why? Because in doing so they would be rewarded. In several articles I’ve published in the past I’ve spoken of a simple concept I call the kindness pool. People most often associate it with Karma. I think most of us have been on one side or the other of the kindness pool. If you’ve ever stopped to help someone for anything at all you have made a contribution to the kindness pool. Though it’s not entirely based on just helping people. A simple compliment or a few words of encouragement certainly qualify. Then, one day, when you need a shot of kindness someone shows up and passes it along to you.

I always get a kick out of people that take utopian ideas lit these literally. You can spot them light years away. They are often lightning quick in pointing our why all or some of a plan won’t work. But that’s okay. I like to fantasize on ideas that allow me and others to feel good. Feeling good is good for you. Feeling good keeps you healthy. Thinking about a Cosmic Paycheck kinda society has to be way better than putting your attention on the stuff getting reported in the news, wouldn’t you say? I realize the ideas I’ve brought up are out of the ordinary. But I also know that if folks absorb even the minutest morsel of my premise it brings the whole human race a teeny, tiny bit closer to having it actually happening. That’s motivation enough for me.

I’m sure that by now you’ve either decided I’m a lunatic or you’ve assumed this piece is nothing more than idealistic fantasy. But is it really? The system I’ve described is already in place. It’s true. Everything you do comes back to you in kind. Some call it Karma. Some call it the law of attraction. Some call it the Golden Rule. It doesn’t matter what we call it, there’s no escaping it.

The only difference between what I’ve dubbed Cosmic Paychecks and any other cause and effect system is the element of time. Unlike unsavory Karmic consequences or rewards, Cosmic Paychecks, hypothetically of course, are automatic. Instant response. You put in an honest day’s work and comparable goodness simply appears in your life where it’s needed. You help someone solve a major or minor problem and more goodness shows up. You join forces with friends or associates to help others, your rewards are compounded. You cheat or lie or steal and the same returns to you.

Karmic reciprocity for humans at the moment might not be nearly as expedient but it does have advantages, the primary one being that if you act outside the realm of love you might not receive the inevitable consequences right away. There is definitely an upside to this. If you’re paying attention you’ll begin to notice a pattern to your own wayward actions and eventually put two and two together which leads to the undeniable discovery that everything you do returns to you without exception just as you dished it out.

Our present system is flexible. After enough self flagellation people decide that coming from love rather than fear is the smart path. How long does this take? It varies. I believe we never die. We assume various roles as we make our way through never ending life. What’s the point, you may ask? I believe we’ve already covered that.

The point is to love everyone as you love yourself. And if you don’t love yourself, that becomes the point. There’s always a point. It’s not necessary to like everyone but we do need to acknowledge that we’re all in this together regardless of appearances. The sooner we understand that and begin to recognize our neighbors near and far, the more prosperity, good health and love we receive.

I suppose I could continue but I believe I’ve made a sound case for Cosmic Paychecks. I’ll repeat it one last time in an unmistakable way: Whatever you do, you do to yourself. Every time. No exceptions. Peace.