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Commence Scribbling…


August 14, 2012 by bernibus

I’ve been a storyteller since I was a boy. I just loved to make stuff up, still do. I was often able to spin a yarn with such a straight face and conviction that people would believe some of the silliest things. Now, here I am too many decades later to mention still spinning. And I love it.

Some authors complain that they hit dry spells when it comes to story ideas. I really can’t relate to that. In fact, I find there isn’t enough time in the day to get it all down on paper. I don’t actually write on paper though. By some strange twist of fate I found myself as a high school freshman in first year typing, with about 60 girls and one other guy. But yeah, my intentions were pure…

I guess it was fate or serendipity or something because these days I let my fingers do the walking over the keyboard. Okay, enough already. Be sure to stop by from time to time and leave a question or comment on one of my books or blog posts. I’d love to hear from you. Until then….



I like inspirational stories. I figure if I want doom and gloom I’ll watch the news or C-Span. I’m fond of what I refer to as the passing the torch theme. That’s where one character is better off as a result of his contact with another character. There are lots of stories like this. I remember a lesson I learned long ago from a very wise man, my grandfather. He could have given me a lecture but he let me figure things out on my own. The names have been changed though the account is accurate. Check out House Of Cards…

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